Competent, compassionate, and cost-effective health care solutions for adult and pediatric patients.

Leading Provider

PICC Lines Plus is a leading provider of at-home intravenous therapies and bedside PICC placement services.

Ready to Assist

Whether you are insured by Medicare or a private commercial plan, PICC Lines Plus is ready to assist.


Compassionate in our services and passionate about our quality of care.

We have used PICC Lines Plus for many years at our facility. They provide the high quality service that we expect at a reasonable price. We recommend them to other facilities whenever we can.–Susan

I want to thank the entire team at PICC Lines Plus. We use to do our PICC's in the IR department, and this is a huge improvement for patient care.–Joan

We recommend First Choice Infusion for our patients that need home therapy. They are reliable, quick and friendly. Our patients never have a problem.