About Us


PICC Lines Plus, LLC is a leading provider of home infusion pharmacy and PICC line placement, proudly serving the wellness needs of clients throughout Florida and communities nationwide. Founded in 2007, we are a privately held company, owned and operated by registered nurses and clinical pharmacists. We are compassionate in our services and passionate about our quality of care. Our philosophy is to provide value-driven home intravenous therapies and bedside ultrasound-guided PICC line placement. We never compromise on quality and patient satisfaction is our top priority!

The experienced, dedicated and caring staff at PICC Lines Plus is committed to your healthcare organization and the patients we serve. Our professional registered nurses are PICC experts.  All of our PICC RNs are highly trained and skilled at inserting PICC lines, midlines and peripheral IVs, as well as in their care and maintenance.

The management team at PICC Lines Plus brings over 45 years of hands-on experience in the healthcare profession and home health setting.  That knowledge and expertise is evident in all the services and therapies we offer!


Facts about PICC Lines Plus

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    • PICC Lines Plus is a leading provider of at-home intravenous therapies and bedside PICC placement services.
    • Accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP), a designation shared by only the best providers.
    • Compassionate in our services and passionate about our quality of care.
    • Whether you are insured by Medicare or a private commercial plan, PICC Lines Plus is ready to assist.
      • We accept most major insurance plans.
      • Private Pay is also an option for patients.
    • Competent, compassionate, and cost-effective health care solutions for adult and pediatric patients.