Peripheral IV

A peripheral intravenous catheter is a small flexible tube placed in a vein if the hand or forearm. The catheter is advanced into the vein over a needle, which is subsequently withdrawn, leaving the flexible tube in place. The catheter is secured in place to the skin using tape and/or a clear transparent dressing.

Peripheral intravenous catheters are sufficient for fluid and electrolyte administration, many antibiotics, and to provide general venous access. Peripheral venous catheters are generally left in place for only 2 – 3 days, and -must be reinserted at another site.

Indications for Peripheral IV:
  • Short term venous access (2 – 3 days)
  • Fluid and/or medication administration

Advantages of Peripheral IV:
  • Ease of insertion (2 – 3 days)
  • Short duration
  • No special equipment necessary